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In a time that puts us to the test physically, mentally, and morally, children remain a great joy and a great challenge. How should we organize ourselves, how can we involve the children so that the time spent at home is remembered by them as a period of connection with the parents, more than about coronavirus and panic? How do we help children get through these days? In this article, we will see the most interesting and funny activities analyzed on for your kids.

Video Games

Video games, especially for older children, are a perfect choice for spending time in a fun way. There are educational video games that you can find by reading about where to get your video games through reviews. This can be very helpful. You are going to find a lot of games and your kid will be extremely happy. Let’s see some beautiful video games for kids:

  • Splatoon 2
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Overcooked
  • Rayman Legends
  • Minecraft

Puppet theater

The children love stories, and puppet theater can be a very fun activity. There are puppets or you can improvise dolls from different socks or plush toys. You can opt for finger puppets or for drawn and cut characters, then glued on ice cream sticks. The child can be involved in the story or can only remain a spectator. It is a suitable activity for the development of the artistic side and the children’s language.


Role-playing games are among the favorite activities of the little ones. From the doctor to the hairdresser, to the train or the beach, there are only a few such games that the little ones love. What’s more, some of them can be relaxing for parents as well. Role-playing games can also be used successfully in sibling rivalries when the parent can change roles with the child.

Role-playing games become the most desired by children as they grow up. And they have therapeutic power! With these games we can copy real situations where we can watch the child hiding behind the identity of a doll, we can resolve tensions, conflicts, we can give answers where there are unspoken questions. I play role-playing games every day, during the time I have available. They helped me to prevent or eliminate tensions, for example, during the visit to the dentist I played with each stuffed animal until the moment when the child met the doctor. The creative power of the child is extraordinary.


At this age, kidsbooks are the most loved by children. The stories can be classic, although you will say that they are contained in various forms of violence, or they can be modern, educational, psychological. At a young age, although the child may have a small number of words or be nonverbal, he may be encouraged to express himself through gestures, with the help of other toys, etc. The child, encouraged, will find ways to express himself.

The cooking game

It is a fun activity for children when they accompany their parents in the kitchen. If you want to have freedom of movement and be able to cook in peace, provide the child with flour, water, corn, spaghetti, etc., depending on what you find in the kitchen. You can let the child’s freedom “cook” or you can prepare structured Montessori activities. For example, pouring water from one container into another or transferring products from one vessel to another using a spoon. And these Montessori activities help to develop fine motor skills.

A photoshoot

You can challenge your children to organize a photoshoot at home. You can give them a theme, such as “Favorite corner of each room”, and they can carefully place the objects they will photograph (with their phone or camera). Or if you have older children, you can suggest them to photograph their toys in various poses, and at the end of the photo session choose 10 different images that will form a story of them. Or maybe take a picture every day at the same time, to see how things change from day to day in isolation.

The child wants you because he no longer has the trees in the park in which to climb, nor the playful friends with which to run and the swings in which to climb until he consumes his energy. So we have to use certain activities with children, so that time passes more easily and pleasantly. It is a coronavirus pandemic and we have to stay indoors and protect ourselves, both ourselves and others, and parents feel quite strongly about the challenge of these days when they can not take the child to the park or other places outdoors. Children can get bored easily, and when games are limited inside the house, we always need ideas for activities and experiments that we can do quickly and easily.