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One of the best marketing strategies for business E-commerce nowadays is through mobile apps. It is handy and very convenient to log in to on your mobile phone. There is no need to start opening your laptop; it only requires a click on your Android phone. Therefore, to create a mobile phone app to sell your products, it involves you following some easy steps. They are:

  1. Enter your business name and choose a category. Choose a unique design that suits your products.
  2. Add features such as buy in-app, loyalty card, etc. You can create this with no coding in just a few minutes.
  3. You can now publish your app to iTunes and Google Play. Stay connected to your clients anytime from anywhere.

So, with the above easy steps, you can easily track how you make sales. You can always get information faster such as being able to reply to customer reviews right inside your restroom with convenience.

Top Features Your Business App Should Have

So you’re ready to put together an app for your business. Fantastic! Before you start building your business app with Appy Pie service, let’s talk about the features your business app should have.

Website: The website allows entrepreneurs to easily convert their business website to an Android and iOS mobile app.

App Sheet: The functionality of the App Sheet makes it easy for business owners to integrate their Google Sheets into their apps, allowing users to manage fly records.

Contact Us: The Contact function allows you to display your office address, business email, and telephone number, etc., allowing users to reach you instantly when needed.

Push Notifications: Improve user engagement and increase the conversion rate by sending users push notifications about the latest offers, discounts, coupons, etc.

Review: With a review feature in your app, you can easily get customer feedback about the goods and services that your company offers

Form Builder: The Form Builder feature allows enterprises to easily create inquiry form, appointment form, or their custom form, and receive requests from users.

App Analytics: App Analytics provides clear insights into user behavior, enabling entrepreneurs to make necessary changes according to their user preferences, and improve their experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Enterprise App?

  • Increased Visibility

Most statistics show that the average time spent on mobile devices is rapidly growing all over the world, year after year. An average user spends at least two or more hours on their mobile devices according to the latest data available. And, in most cases, it’s the mobile apps that consume the users’ maximum time. So this can prove to be a great way to make your business more visible.

  • 24/7 Connectivity

A mobile app plays a vital role in establishing a smooth connection between a brand and its public. Not only can your customers get easy access to your products, services, and contact information with a mobile app, it also helps you to solve their queries on the fly immediately. It also enables you to deliver quality services and therefore adds value to your business.

  • Effective Marketing

Apps serve multiple functions, from shopping to supplying general information. But the biggest one is that they keep a business right at the customers’ fingertips, allowing entrepreneurs to reach their target audience easily and promote their products and services effectively. The added benefit of having a business app is that it will boost your marketing efforts to a more considerable extent.

  • Cost-Effective

You had to hire a mobile app development company earlier and pay a great deal to get a mobile app developed from scratch. But creating an app has become a Do-It-Yourself task with the advancement in technology and the introduction of app builders on the market. You can quickly and cost-effectively build your app in a matter of minutes by using the company app creator and launch it globally on all major app stores!