by primbondh | 4:14 am

The video game industry has achieved this in the first few months of 2020. Its output only mildly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, unlike the movie or live performance or almost every other business. Here, we list some of the video games that are most popular in Norway.


The hugely successful Minecraft both defines and dominates a category of its own across the game’s spectrum. It has no story, no genre, no characters, no dramatic cut scenes, and graphics that could politely be called “retro.” Instead, with your digital hands, Minecraft lets you shape the blocky world around you, and the legion of fans has proven surprisingly compelling. It’s everyone’s choice and easily among the best PC games due to its fun, creative play, and the creations it’s inspired.

Currently, the game is available for PC. Minecraft looks great on a high-end gaming PC, but surely the many people appreciate how well it performs even on a standard desktop. If you are in for that kind of thing, you can even play on a Raspberry Pi. Every version of the game is slightly different, although the basics are universal. Minecraft is available on consoles, too. For Wii U,  PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One versions are currently available.


Roblox is a freely playable computer game. Visit and sign up to download the game. Kids and young people are the target audience, but people of all ages can play. You will be downloaded from the Microsoft Store also, and you can look for other means of downloading it via DhGate.

The difference with Roblox over other games is that all the games are running on community-based servers. That is, the games are hosted on those servers built by other community members, not by the people who make the game (although, exceptions that exist). This means that random people on the internet create not only the content, But the people that are joining the servers are also random.

Animal Crossing

New Horizons, the year’s collective video game experience, was uniquely prepared to be a hit. Seven years have passed since the franchise produced a game last — New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. It was the first inclusion of Nintendo Switch, which was wildly popular. And it came just before the nation lockdown in response to a viral pandemic. As a low-stakes game about building your community of friendly anthropomorphic animals, and then living in them, the game was quick; the game was positioned as a balm for trying times. But it was the first Animal Crossing also, where it was possible to share your experience through social media, making it more than just a game, but another place where culture can occur on a large scale.


A lovely experiment, Dreams asks players what they want to see in a video game, and then gives them the tools to make it come alive. Versatile without being intimidating for creative and meme-makers. With various reviews about Dream on, the game boasts an impressive range — shooters, adventure games, puzzles, they’re all possible.

Murder by Numbers

It is a correctly handled detective flick with linear issue-solving puzzles and logic. It’s also a significant pace change that is easily accessible to anyone who loves a good mystery, a fun story, and well-written dialogue. Murder by Numbers stands apart in an industry that tends to favor doing, not thinking, as an immensely original and creative game.